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Washington State University Enhancing Understanding of Concepts and Practices of Science

What is EUCAPS?

The EUCAPS project seeks to facilitate science teaching and learning in kindergarten through grade 8 by providing professional development activities through intensive summer institutes and academic year follow-up sessions focusing on big ideas in science (core disciplinary content in Physical Earth, and Space and Life Sciences), cross-cutting themes and pedagogy. This project brings together faculty members from Washington State University, Regional Science Coordinator from Education Service District 123 and teachers from Clarkston School District, Pomeroy School District, and Holy Family Elementary School to deepen content understanding and explore the use of novel pedagogical approaches for enhancing scientific understanding. Specifically, we are working with the Science Writing Heuristic Approach (Argument Based Inquiry), Concept Mapping Strategy, and Instructional Design Principles. There is considerable evidence that these pedagogical approaches are effective for teaching and learning of science. It’s been a joy working together with teachers from K-8 to explore these approaches. This website will house materials developed by teachers and will be a resource site for many K-8 teachers who are aspiring to improve science teaching in their classrooms.


Funding for this project was provided by Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). Additional support was given by Washington State University’s Department of Teaching and Learning.
Special thanks to the teachers and administrators working with us to implement the pedagogical approaches and make science teaching fun, engaging and rewarding. Thanks also to students and parents who are involved in the project.